Monday, December 21, 2009

Levi's blessing day

We had a ton of family over on Dec 6th for Levi's blessing. I am so happy that so many people came. It was awesome to bear my testimony and look out at 3 pews of my family there. I bought this adorable angel gown for Levi. John told me that I had to take off the wings because "mormons don't believe that angels have wings." Whatever!! The outfit was so cute and wouldn't be the same without the wings. So the wings stayed on and John was embarrassed. Levi has been the best baby! Sleeping 6-9 hours straight. His little smiles are such a reward for me!


Paula said...

I saw your post on facebook and here I am! Your family picture is so cute and I love the pictures of Levi with his wings!! So cute :)

Shelby Bingham said...

Hahaha -- Jeff would have said the same thing as John about the wings. I think it's cute too. Your family picture is darling!! Time has marched on -- I remember when it was just you and John and the cats. Crazy!!

Sunshine said...

I found your blog! this is Chrissy!